October 5th - October 8th, Fourth Street Clinic is the charity partner during KUER's 90.1 Fall Fund Drive.  Make a donation to KUER and in lieu of a thank you gift, choose Fourth Street Clinic and a portion of your donation will support our programs!!!


To make a donation call: 801-581-5837 or click here!


Click here to preview the spot highlighting Consumer Advisory Board member, Rachel Santizo and her story of recovery and how Fourth Street Clinic has provided vital support every step of the way!!!

Fourth Street Clinic is thrilled to be the charity of choice for Hugger Mugger Yoga Products From now until September a percentage of their retail sales purchases will be donated to Fourth Street Clinic. This is a wonderful way to support Fourth Street Clinic and get yourself some new yoga products. Please visit their webpage huggermugger.com and SHOP - Christmas is just around the corner!!!

Fourth Street Clinic welcomes you to join the conversation or lend a helping hand. Tell us about yourself on the Sign Up form below and indicate how you would like to be involved. Events are held monthly and require RSVPs.

Community Informational Breakfast

Join us for a light breakfast, a community conversation on health care and homelessness and clinic tour of our beautiful new facility. Upcoming breakfasts are scheduled for 8:10am-9:15am on July 15, August 20, and September 11. Direct questions to Laurel@fourthstreetclinic.org.


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Fourth Street Clinic's CEO, Laura Michalski, is featured in Utah Business Magazine.

Utah Business Magazine Article

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Mar 03, 2015

March 2015 ENews

Mammo & Mani Day, State Licensing Announcement, LoveUTGiveUT, Tri Canceled, Rally for Health Utah

March 2015 ENews

All day February 11, Fourth Street Clinic is hosting the first of two Mobile Mammography Days to give homeless women who are patients of Fourth Street Clinic access to critical breast cancer screens. Lack of money, health insurance and transportation are just a few of the barriers that homeless women face in following through with recommended health screens. Thanks to the Utah Cancer Control Program, Mountain Medical and Intermountain Medical Center Breast Care Services, 20 homeless women will get their mammograms with next day results. The women will also be treated to refreshments by Banbury Cross, manicures from Paul Mitchell - THE SCHOOL and walk away with gift bags full of cosmetics donated by Nordstrom at Fashion Place, yoga pants and blankets. "We wanted to bring some camaraderie and a little pampering into the experience," says Fourth Street Clinic Manager Tiffiny Gregory. "I'm proud of these women for making themselves a priority."

Fourth Street patients who are interested in getting a mammogram should speak with their doctor.

pdfMobile Mammography News Release



In 2014, 435 patients received 305 eyeglasses, 8 eye surgeries, and many diabetic retinopathy exams and other vital eye services at the Fourth Street Eye Clinic. Thanks to John A. Moran Eye Center and our volunteer ophthalmologists and optometrists who provided 785 volunteer hours to operate the clinic. The Eye Clinic is also a training ground for future eye care professionals.

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