How to Make an Appointment

Fourth Street Clinic serves people experiencing homelessness.
Medicaid, Medicare and PCN are accepted but not required.

New Patients

If you have not been seen at Fourth Street Clinic in over a year, come to the Main Clinic Entrance on 400 South Mon-Fri between 8:00 and 12:45pm for new patient registration. Then, you will be placed on the day's wait list to see a doctor.

Registered Patients

You are a Registered Patient if you have had a Fourth Street Clinic appointment within the last year. Everyone else must follow the above New Patient Registration process.

Medical Services
For appointments call your primary care provider directly.

Christina Gallop 385.234.5687
Alissa Firmage 385.234.5689
Jamie Hinderliter 385.234.5717
John Humphreys 385.234.5688
Phillip Taylor 385.234.5714
Amy Ossian 385.234.5695
Alison Wright 385.234.5694
Tanya Williams & Jeff Daniels 385.234.5697

Behaviroal Health Services
For appointments call 385.234.5693

Sam Vincent, APRN
Sean Erikson, APRN
Annie Aquilla, LCSW
Joshua Bytendorp, CMHT

Dental Clinic
For appointments call 385.234.5725

Medicaid Enrollment
For appointments call 385.234.5728